November 2012

I’m excited to unveil this, the new look for Snackbar Games. As part of our tenth anniversary celebration, we’re bringing back the original color palette, as well as the playfulness of the site’s 2002 look. (Don’t worry, we’re not making the background eye-blazing orange. That stays in the past!) We’re also taking the opportunity to fix a few browser-compatibility issues, and hopefully put the Snackbar content you know and love in a more readable, accessible context. We do hope you like it.

Let us know what you think! Definitely bring any issues to our attention, too, as these things tend to happen. (If it looks funky, try a hard reload first. If it still looks that way, tell us.)

As you might have noticed, we here at Snackbar Games have been running a Holiday Gift Guide to let you know which of this year’s titles are worth picking up on each platform. Which is fine, but what if the people to whom you want to give gifts aren’t gamers? Despite the massive gaming advances of various mobile devices and more general-appeal nature of the Wii and Kinect, there are probably still quite a few people on your list who couldn’t tell a PS3 from a 3DS. If you still want to give the gift of gaming, here are some unplugged suggestions to inspire you. READ MORE

Tank! Tank! Tank! is a silly game with a silly name. Originally an arcade game, it makes more sense in that context: take Tokyo Wars, update it graphically and put in just enough crazy to catch your eye in a room of flashing lights and loud music. Taken home with this Wii U port, it’s a bit out of place, but while some lights flash a bit too brightly, it’s still nice to watch all the pretty colors. READ MORE

The original Epic Mickey was full of potential. It was clear from the start that the team at Junction Point had a lot of love for Disney, and wanted to make a game that brought back Disney’s past in an original way. It succeeded in how it handled those moments, but failed to create a compelling gameplay experience in the process. With the release of Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Junction Point is hoping to recapture the magic from the first game while improving on some of the fundamental issues that plagued the original. It is clear, however, that this formula is more flawed than I originally realized. READ MORE

Looking for a good game for yourself or someone else this holiday season? We’ve got you covered. There’s a handful of Wii releases to go with the gems of the Wii U launch lineup on your radar.