2014 Best


We’ve named our picks for best game on each system, as well as doled out some special awards, but today we share our overall Game of the Year winner. READ MORE

The Snackbar Games crew discusses the six Game of the Year finalists in this special episode! Join Graham, Andrew, Henry and Chris as we give 2014’s best their due.

We’ll be back to our regular schedule soon. Until then, you can check out the Snack Time archive for some great shows you may have missed!


2014 was a messy year for reasons in and around the gaming community (and also just a tough year in general), but the video games themselves have been great. I’ve even found myself enjoying a few more AAA games than usual, despite the tragi-comical bungling of almost every other big release. Without further waffling, here are some video games I played in the year 2014 that I liked to play a lot. READ MORE


We finish up our system-specific awards with our honors for best Xbox One game, best PlayStation 4 title and best PC release. Check back on Friday for our overall Game of the Year. READ MORE


Below are my ten favorite new games from 2014… of the 15 new releases I played. For the sake of completion, I might as well mention all 15.

Honorable Mentions

Below the cut you’ll find both Professor Layton offerings this year, Azran Legacy and vs. Phoenix Wright, which were the usual yearly offering and an interesting (if somewhat flawed) experiment, respectively. Super Smash Bros for 3DS was a fun appetizer for the main course that would arrive about six weeks later, but was never seriously going to contend thanks to hardware limitations. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire surprised me by how much I enjoyed revisiting Hoenn, although the inherent problems with the originals weighed down the experience a bit. Finally, Shovel Knight (which I played on the 3DS, if that matters) was a fun retro romp but not really my cup of tea; not enough Mega Man in its otherwise-rich gameplay DNA mix, I guess. READ MORE