November 2016


When you think about classic Square franchises, what comes to mind? Final Fantasy would be your immediate reaction, but there’s also Mana, Kingdom Hearts, the Chrono games and even Front Mission. One I feel is rarely discussed is SaGa, a series I consider one of Square’s best (or at least its boldest). Let’s talk about what makes the series so groundbreaking despite how little attention it is paid by those fondly remembering the days of Square’s past, focusing on my favorite of the bunch, SaGa Frontier.



The GameCube was, despite its smaller market position, a great system for multiplayer games, largely due to its Nintendo legacy and its four-player default support. Part of the Last Great Offline Generation, it’ll likely be the local multiplayer resting place for many genres that switched gears to online-focused development. Mostly, though, this was a Nintendo with its back to the wall, forced to innovate to stay afloat. The company’s very good at that when it needs to be. READ MORE

Trees are decorated, delicious cookies are baked, tacky sweaters from your grandmother are worn mainly to not look like a jerk, gifts are given and multicolored lights make certain neighborhoods visible from space. But we gamers know that there’s another important part of the holiday season: using that extra time off work (or school) to get in some quality game time. We’re in a bit of a festive mood here at Snackbar, and we want to help you get into one, too! Here are some of the best levels to do it. READ MORE


As I venture into the unknown of my early 30s, I am physically reminded that I’m no longer as indestructible as I was when I was 19. I can’t put the same stress on my knees as I used to, and stretching has switched from warming up before a sporting activity to an absolute necessity if I don’t want to be hobbling around the next day. It is a sobering experience. READ MORE


Pairs is what co-designer James Ernest calls a “new classic pub game.” It’s a dirt-simple game that can be played anywhere at any time, and requires nothing more than a single deck of specialized cards and a knowledge of the very basic rules. And yet it is so much more; more than anything else, Pairs is an illustration of how many different ways a simple design can be used by creative minds. READ MORE