Tito Jackson

Grand Theft Auto 3

February 6, 2003

[floatleft]http://www.snackbar-games.com/images/reviews/gta3/cover.jpg[/floatleft]One day, a good friend of mine introduced me to a game called “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” for the Playstation 2. I got to playing it, walking around the city, shooting people at random, stealing cars whenever I felt like it, and trying to pick up hookers. Just from that, I was hooked. The gaming experience was so fun that I had a constant itch to go out and buy [b]Grand Theft Auto 3[/b] for the [b]PC[/b]. I finally caved in and threw the sombitch on my computer, and I’ve been badly addicted ever since.

Grand Theft Auto for the PC is quite a game, let me tell you what. Note, though, that I never played GTA3 for the Playstation 2, so I can’t tell you if the PC game is like the Playstation 2 game or not? But I can say that the gameplay is very similar to Vice City, although the city of Liberty City is much darker in colors than Vice City is.

[floatright]http://www.snackbar-games.com/images/reviews/gta3/ss02_thumb.jpg[/floatright]If you’ve never played Grand Theft Auto before, the trick is that you’re some thug, fresh out of jail, and that your goal is to make money in life by doing special “jobs” for people. Those “jobs” range from picking up hookers for the police, humiliating gangsters, blowing up mobster’s cars, or just killing a person for someone. That’s how you make your big money. Now, you can shoot people on the street to get chump change, or even run over a hooker to get your money back, but the jobs are how you beat the game and make your best money.

And there are a crapload of jobs to take, too. Plus, there are other things to do. You can steal a cab and take fares as a mission. You can steal a fire truck and put out fires as a mission. Then, you’ll be in a long search for hidden packages, all 100 of them. This game, along with the PSX 2 Grand Theft Autos, will take a long time for you to beat. Hell, I’ve put many hours into GTA 3 for the PC already, and I’ve only put a small dent into the game, thus far.

The graphics for this game are top notch. Rockstar Games has done a great job on the graphics for the recent GTA games, putting a lot of realism into their people, buildings, scenary, and vehicles. The sound is great as well. Everything from gunshots, to the motors, to the people on the sidewalks. Crystal clear.

[floatleft]http://www.snackbar-games.com/images/reviews/gta3/ss04_thumb.jpg[/floatleft]From what I know and assume, GTA 3 for the PC has everything that the Playstation 2 game has, but possibly more. One feature I know Playstation does not have is the Mp3 radio station. You can store ANY mp3 file of your choosing in this folder, and when you’re on the road with a stolen vehicle, you can change the radio to the Mp3 station, and your music will play. If you’re just “dicking around” in the game, it’s fun to listen to your own music while you drive around the city like a madman. Awesome feature.

This PC game may not be for everybody. No, I’m not talking about the violence or content of the game. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If you’re a parent, keep this game away from your kids. ‘Nuff said. But what I mean is the computer requirements to hold this game. Here are the specifications that the box [b]recommends[/b]: Windows 98 and up, 700 Mhz Pentium Processor, 128 MB of RAM, 8X Speed CD Rom, 700 MB of free space, and a few other things.

[floatright]http://www.snackbar-games.com/images/reviews/gta3/ss05_thumb.jpg[/floatright]My school computer has these requirements, BUT still experiences slowdown every once in a while. I recommend not giving into the “minimum requirements” that are listed on the side of the box, because that could be disasterous and frustrating to deal with. If you have a Playstation 2, buy GTA 3 or Vice City before the PC version, unless you have a high powered computer and would love the Mp3 radio station feature.

For better gameplay, too, I recommend getting a USB controller. I have the Microsoft Sidewinder, and it’s pretty good overall. Playing with the mouse or keyboard can be hell, so I highly recommend getting a game controller to enhance your fun much more.

[b][u]CONCLUSION:[/u][/b] Mighty fine game we have here on the PC. Sure, I’ll probably go to hell for enjoying such a real game, but oh well. It’s all fun and games to me, and this is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. Kudos to Rockstar Games for inventing such a great new concept in the video game market, and I hope they keep it up. I just hope it doesn’t invent a new breed of criminals in 10 years or so.

[u][b]TITO STATS (0 to 5 scale)[/b][/u]
Graphics: 4.5
Sound: 5.0
Control: 4.0
Challenge: 5.0
Fun Factor: 5.0

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The Nintendo 64 gaming system was thought up mostly as a “kiddie system”, as it relied heavily on Mario or Pokemon games, correct? Well, in most cases you could say yes, but when you refer to one game that RARE put out, a masterpiece, then you’ll do a double-take.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the Nintendo 64 was one of the wildest games EVER released. It made every other Nintendo 64 game look like Disney movies in comparison, due to its foul language, filthy content, and loads of violence. It’s rated “Mature”, and it lives up to it very much.

The game is split into two separate games. First, you can play the single player mode, where you play as Conker in a role playing game. Conker has too many drinks one night at a bar in a far off land, and is too smashed to remember his way back home. Therefore, in trying to get home, he finds himself in a long journey of some of the most screwed up things. On his way there, Conker encounters the Great Mighty Poo, a gigantic singing turd who likes to thrown crap as his opponents. Or how about the little devils Conker’s encounters, whom his only line of defense against those bastards is to piss on them. The one player game also parodies several things like any World War 1 or 2 beach warfare, the Matrix, and even Alien at the end.

And then you can play the real “meat and potatoes” of this game, the Multiplayer mode. Of course, you don’t need a bunch of friends over to play this. You have many, and I mean many multiplayer games to choose from. For instance, you can play the game called Raptor, where you go and steal Raptor eggs to eat, while trying to survive the evil wrath of a Raptor. The Beach is my favorite, as the setting has gunners shooting at runners. It’s like the Allied forces storming the beaches of Normandy, in hopes of freedom. You can either run or shoot in this fantastic mode. In the Heist, you’re a bank robbing weasel, and you race to put money in your own fault before getting murdered by your opponents. Then, there’s a mode where you can select any boards to play on and just kill every person you see. You may also play a team mode, where you either capture a flag or fight to kill your opponents with poisonous gas. You may also play the Tank and Race modes, although they are probably weak points in my humble opinion.

The game’s playback ability is fantastic. The Multiplayer mode NEVER gets old, as if you’re having bad day, it’s always fun to simulate blowing someone’s head off or slicing off someone’s head with a samuri sword. Then, with the single player mode, for each part of the story you beat, you can go back and replay those sections for your own enjoyment in the “Chapters” mode. Also, there are plenty of cheats in this game, including unlocking some very wacky creatures to play in Multiplayer mode.

Graphics are detailed in this game, because it’s from RARE, but I highly recommend having a bright television to play some parts. The graphics seem too dark in some spots. The sound is top notch, as you can hear the shots clearly and the many voices of Conker’s, as well. Control is good, as well, although it takes a while to get good with the weapons.

Let me say this much: Conker’s Bad Fur Day is the BEST game that the Nintendo 64 has to offer. The Multiplayer mode can’t be beat. You have the chance to either fight individually or on teams, and the fighting invo
lves tons of strategy. The single player mode is something that N64 fans would love anyway, and that’s incredible 3D roleplaying. But for Conker’s, the roleplaying has lots of attitude, including scenes that will make you laugh for hours or wonder how sick the gaming developers were at RARE when they made this game.

CONCLUSION: If you have an N64, go buy this game somehow (try Ebay). If you don’t have an N64, go buy one and get Conker’s already! I will note, though, that RARE now has a deal with the X-Box, meaning that a long awaited sequel could be arriving there for Conker’s. If so, I recommend buying that system just for Conker’s, because if it’s even a fraction of what this game is, then it’s worth spending top dollar on an X-Box for its sake.

TITO STATS (0 to 5 Scale)
Graphics: 4.0
Sound: 4.5
Control: 4.5
Challenge: 5.0(single player mode is time consuming)
Fun Factor: 5

Highest possible recommendation!

There is a steady argument in the video
game world about tennis games. Which is the best? Many argue
that the Dreamcast produced the best tennis game in Virtua Tennis,
which featured real life movements, lifelike graphics, and great
sound. I heavily disagree, given a certain Nintendo 64 game released
during the system’s final heyday.

I’d argue that Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64
was the best tennis game EVER! Of course, I’m said to be a Mario
franchise worshipper, but I played tennis in high school and I appreciate
the movements capable in this game. Using the famous analog stick,
you can just feel yourself being on the court. It’s amazing how
you can make your player do a 360 in just a moment with the controls.
Also adding to the realism is the nasty computer looking at your
movements. If you hesitate a move one way, the computer will fire
a shot the other way.

The game is based on Mario characters. The opening sequence features
a video on the Mario brothers arguing with Wario, only to have a
BRAND NEW character debut in this game named Waluigi, and
evil version of Luigi. Of course, he’s not to evil, as he’s too
tall to hit sinking topspin shots when you do play against him.

I do, however, dislike the game’s choice of how you beat this
game. You have a singles tournament and a doubles tournament, in
which you go through the usual Mario Kart like Mushroom Cup, Flower
Cup, and Star Cup to win. It’s easy to beat, given that the computer
isn’t on its top level of play, the famous Intense mode. Winning
the Doubles and Singles tournaments will unlock 2 characters, Shyguy
and Donkey Kong Jr.

That’s it. For someone playing this game on their own, that’s
all there is to accomplish. If they want to find some great replay
value, they’ll have to have the drive within themselves to find
something to do. I beat all of the ring sections and then challenged
myself to beat all of the players when set on Intense mode. Intense
mode is the highest difficulty setting for a computer player, and
let me tell you, Intense is the best word for it. The computer can
sense any slight movement you make before they hit the ball, and
you’ll experience long volleys in this mode. Beating every character
in Intense mode is quite a challenge.

Well, I guess there are plenty of courts to unlock when using
certain players, but that will only take maybe an hour with every
character to do.

This game is best played with multiple players. The Ring battle
royale is a fantastic thing, especially with 4 controllers attached
to the console. I’m not too crazy about the Bowser Castle tennis
court, which has a ridiculous use of Mario Kart weapons and a moving
court that can get annoying.

To argue that it’s the best tennis game is rather easy. For every
court, there’s a different surface on each that can greatly affect
gameplay. Some courts cater to the players with weak power, some
courts favor power players. T
he shots you can choose from are slice,
topspin, smash, dropshot, or lob. There’s an art to each shot, as
positioning is of great importance and timing on hitting the shot
is as well. You have other features like if you’re close to the
net and someone fires a hard shot at you, you WILL get hit with
the ball. Also stuff like jumping for a high shot, diving for a
out of reach shot, and some very real like serving really make this
game have a great tennis feel.

CONCLUSION: I love this game. Of course, I enjoy
the sport of tennis. The simple fact that the game consists of Mario
characters is meaningless, as the game’s developers were going to
make this style of game with Mario characters or not. The movement
of the players and their abilities to hit the ball makes this game
the most real feeling tennis game around, at least through the controller.
Now if the graphics had realism, that would be another story.

TITO STATS(0 to 5 scale)
Graphics: 3.5
Sound: 4.0
Control: 5.0
Challenge: 3.0, but 4.0 for Intense mode
Fun Factor: 4.5