March 31, 2004

While the man with the plan is waiting for the newest edition to his family to be born I am left in charge here. That also leave me with some responsibilities, as such my take on bringing you all news.

Xbox has cancelled any further development on its sports series. EA wins this one, then again they are the king of sports games. I dont see why Microsoft just dosent buy EA. I mean they could! Personally I wont really be missing any of the titles that were lost, I know some people that play the Sega Sports titles or anything other then EA sports titles. Well they have one less choice to make next year.

From all of Snackbar we wish Cone and Dots the best as parents. I have known Cone (Chris) since I was in 7th grade and he is trully one of my best friends. I know he will make one hell of a dad.

I rock.