Killer Nic

August 31, 2006

If you thought your network card was “just a nic” then think again. Bigfoot Networks is about to launch a product that is going to change all that, allegedly. This new nic is specially designed with gaming in mind and aims to lower pings and increase FPS in online games. The nic has an onboard “NPU” that allows you to upload custom software via the onboard USB port.

I have to say that this seems a little overkill and for $279.99, yes $280 for a nic, it seems even more overkill. I know someone will end up with one out there and it just goes to show what some lengths people go to for that last little bit of performance.

I can’t see this being a big market, but if it works for Bigfoot Networks then more power to them. You can check out the Killer now and pre-order it at [url=][/url]