PSP Pricing and Battery Life

October 28, 2004

I don’t like to bash new products before they even get to market, aside from a little Phantom bashing here and there, but Sony just released pricing and official battery specs on the new PSP. The pricing is much better than I expected weighing in at 19,800 yen ($185). It is about $45 more than the DS. They are also selling a bundle that comes with a 32MB Memory Stick DUO, a carrying case, headphones, and a remote control. That bundle will be 24,800 yen ($232). They are also selling additional batteries which leads me to believe their solution for the 4-6 battery life during games and 4-5 during movies is to buy a 2nd battery at $45 and carry it with you. I know the PSP will sell well if not just for the portable Final Fantasy games, but 6 hours of battery life is not going to cut it IMO. I know not many people will factor that in since most people don’t play 6 straight hours, but factor in the slightly higher cost and much lower battery life and suddenly the DS is still way out front. I guess we will just have to wait and see how the consumers view it all.

Source: [url=]Gamespot[/url]