Week in Review: Caving with Sega and Double Fine

May 27, 2012

This week, Double Fine goes spelunking and we watch the coming and going of games and a studio.

TOP STORY: Double Fine creating The Cave

Double Fine is partnering with Sega to release a new side-scrolling downloadable title on XBLA, PSN and PC next year. The Cave will place players in the role of three adventurers, each with different skills and personalities. We don’t know much about the gameplay at this point, but we do know that where will a medieval castle, an underground amusement park and a nuclear ICBM.

Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed again

It seems the xenomorphs will take a little more time to mature, as Gearbox announced that Aliens: Colonial Marines won’t arrive until February 12, 2013. No specifics were mentioned for the delay,but the team said the game needs to feel ‘authentic’ to both fans of the Aliens franchise and newcomers.

007: Legends arriving this fall

James Bond will be returning to consoles once again on October 16 in 007 Legends. Rather than focusing on a single movie, Legends will feature missions from 6 different Bond movies, including the still unreleased Skyfall. In addition to its campaign, 007 Legends will see the return of the MI-6 Ops Missions mode, local multiplayer and the usual online multiplayer modes.

38 Studios closes its doors

After a strange week of events surrounding 38 Studios, it appears the end of the road has been reached, as all 380 employees at 38 Studios and Big Huge Games have been laid off. The future of Kingdoms of Amalur (and its Reckoning franchise) is unknown at this time, but will likely be sold.