Xbox Live Fall ’06 Updates

October 31, 2006

The newest update for your Xbox is out and available and boy does it rock. The list of feature upgrades is too long to post so I’ll direct you to [url=][/url] for the full list. A few of the key updates that I want to touch on are the 1080p support and HD-DVD drive support which are going to turn your 360 into a High Def DVD player, which is always a nice addition.

Other updates include the ability to stream WMV from a Windows PC running WMP 11, Windows Media Connect, or the Zune Software. This is a huge upgrade and eliminates the need for a Media Center PC for those of you just looking to stream video from your PC. You can also stream video from USB devices such as USB hard drives. I did have a chance to test the streaming out this morning via WMC and WMP11 and they both work great. Too bad that WMP11 would play my HD AVIs, but the 360 won’t as that is not supported.

The dashboard also got a little tweak in a few areas and added the ability for you to automatically download trials of new Live Arcade games.

All in all, this is a huge update with a lot of great features.