Preview: Goodbye Deponia will be a farewell to Rufus

June 30, 2013


Daedalic Entertainment released a number of point-and-click adventure games over the last couple years. By and large, they’ve all been well-received, though the premiere series to this point has been Deponia. Now, with Goodbye Deponia, the saga of noted anti-hero Rufus will come to an end.

What it is: Goodbye Deponia is the final entry in the Deponia trilogy, which follows Rufus as he attempts to escape from Deponia, a planet of trash, to Elysium, high in the skies. In this entry, Rufus has managed to clone himself twice, though he and his clones promptly get separated. As a result, many puzzles will focus on swapping between their locations, hitting switches and moving items that have a cascade reaction, enabling them to progress through their areas.

Why we’re excited: The amazing art style and well-written script are as great as ever. The few puzzles we’ve seen suggest that this time around, there will be less obtuse puzzles on the whole, an excellent development. As this is the last game in the trilogy, we are also excited to see the end result of Rufus’ journey across the wastes of Deponia.

What we’re wondering: The only real problem we’ve had with this series is an overreliance on extremely obtuse puzzles about midway through the games. There are always two or three puzzles that, try as we might, we just see no way to figure out without a walkthrough. Hopefully that won’t be the case this time, as other recent Daedalic games have avoided that issue.


Goodbye Deponia is slated for a release sometime this fall.