Advance Wars: Dual Strike

September 19, 2005

[floatleft][/floatleft][i]Advance Wars: Dual Strike[/i] is the third installment for the series here in North America. It has jumped handhelds from the GBA over to the Nintendo DS, allowing use of the stylus for this turn-based, rock-paper-scissors type of game.

For people who have played the previous [i]AW[/i], the Black Hole army is back to its no-good shenanigans, trying to take over again. New CO Jake takes a stab at commanding while you drive him to victory or loss using his power-ups on the go. This time around, you gain points and ranks allowing you to pick “skills” that upgrade certain stats like farther movement by one square, or when you attack you gain a little bit of money. You also get to use two COs at once and can use the Dual Strike power which lets the first CO go make all the moves and then switches with the other CO allowing him to move and give you a great advantage.

The use of the two screens is implemented in various waysA

Score: 5/5

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