Mario Kart DS

December 22, 2005


I am going to have a difficult time not saying everything there is to say about this game, thus robbing Vyolynce of his part of the review. Because of that, I will try to be as brief as possible and hit all the major points.

[i]Mario Kart DS[/i] is the best [i]Mario Kart[/i] game I have played to date. Hopping has returned, some classic tracks have returned, and the new tracks are also great. The blue shell has returned, as well as some other new items.

The most popular part about [i]MKDS[/i] is the online playability. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can play [i]MKDS[/i] with up to three other people online. If you don’t, you need to buy a little USB receiver for your PC so you can play online.

As much as I loved this game, though, it’s still not a perfect game. As much as I love Nintendo, I will be the first to say that [i]MKDS[/i] still isn’t what I want in a [i]MK [/i] game … at least not entirely. My biggest complaint about this game is related to the same thing Nintendo has done to us since the N64 version of [i]MK[/i]. You can’t play a game with more than four human players at a time! This is a great aggravation to me. I still long for the opportunity to have eight-man kart races instead of a measly four. Sure, it could be done with a GameCube and an extra TV, but most people don’t have two GameCubes, and most wouldn’t buy them just so you could play [i]Mario Kart: Double Dash[/i] on them.

I suppose that’s really my biggest complaint. Everything else is very well roundedA

Score: 5/5

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