Retro Review : Balloon Fight

May 28, 2003

Due to overwhelming demand the SB crew has decided to bring back
the Retro Review feature. Since it takes a lot of time to play a
game enough to give it a decent review and most of our time is spent
playing new releases to get reviews of those out, the Retro Reviews
won’t come every week. We are shooting for once a month. If
you’ve been a reader of the site for awhile you probably remember
that Pickle and myself spend more time arguing and going off on
tangents than reviewing the actual game. Usually they come out pretty
funny, and they are fun to write.

Today we’re going to be dissecting Balloon Fight
for the NES. Back in our younger years the SB crew got countless
hours of entertainment trying to pop each others balloons. Released
in 1985, Balloon Fight is an NES classic.

While many people focus on what video games came out and when,
I like to focus on what was going on at that particular time period.
What inspired Balloon Fight? What was going on in the mind of the
developers that encouraged a game where little guys try to kill
demons that float on balloons? Could it be Communism? The year 1985
did see the election of Gorbachev in the USSR. I do think that somehow
the developers were trying to give us hints as to what kind of politics
we should expect to see. Was capitalism the balloons, communism
the little demons that float to try to oppress the rights of citizens?
Was the lighting in the sky the A