Star Wars: Apprentice of the Force

January 11, 2006

The [i]Star Wars[/i] franchise is notorious for its crappy games. It’s not very rare that a [i]Star Wars[/i] game turns out to be a rip-off from another title put in a [i]Star Wars[/i] costume and sold like it’s hot stuff. Most of the games are pretty mediocre, with nothing interesting in them other than music and the [i]Star Wars[/i] theme. [i]Apprentice of the Force[/i] is no exception.

You play as Luke Skywalker in this GBA game, and it’s a side-scrolling hack-and-slash game. You go all the way from Tatooine, where [i]Episode IV[/i] starts, to the end of [i]Episode VI[/i].

As you go through your exciting adventure, you gain Force powers such as Healing (which gets useful during [i]Episode VI[/i]), Force Push and two more. Before you get your lightsaber, you have your trusty blaster that you can keep using once you get your saber. Boss fights aren’t too interesting, but the enemies vary from stormtroopers to Tusken raiders to Jabba’s goons.

You also get to fly in an X-wing, or go on a landspeeder. I hated theseA

Score: 1/5

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