Sonic Gems Collection

December 27, 2005

Mmm … nostalgia. [i]Sonic Gems Collection[/i] was released almost as an afterthought to [i]Sonic Mega Collection[/i]. Whereas [i]Sonic Mega Collection[/i] had the majority of the classic Sonic games, it missed the big one: [i]Sonic CD[/i].

The simple fact is, [i]Sonic CD[/i] was a rarity. When it came out, surely it was easily found. But with Mega CD gone and no ports available, it seemed [i]Sonic CD[/i] was lost to the ages. Until now.

[i]Sonic CD[/i] was released just after the first Sonic game came out on the Mega Drive. It was the pilot game for the Mega CD, the Mega Drive’s CD drive. It took an interesting turnA

Score: 1/5

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