Battlefield Vietnam

June 2, 2004

[floatleft][/floatleft]Since the release of Battlefield 1942, FPS online multiplayers have never been the same. Typically you wonder what other creative stuff can be add to a series. After the last release of the BF 1942 series “Secret Weapons of WWII”, the gaming community began to enjoy the likes of “Desert Combat”. Desert Combat is a mod with modern weapons, maps, and assault vehicles where you are fighting against a terrorist regime. Once the announcement hit that Vietnam was the next war in the series, I thought maybe it would be worth checking out. After reading previews and seeing screens and watching trailers it was known that this game would rule the FPS online multiplayer community.

EA wanted to put the gamer in a time machine and literally send him/her back to that time period. Many of the maps and the Vietnam Era music, remind you of scenes in movies like Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, and We Were Soldiers. Little details like listening to Stars and Bars radio while on base or blaring your choice of Vietnam era music while flying your attack helicopter on enemy territory really add to the experience. Another good aspect about BF Vietnam is the accuracy in maps and battles. Each map has its own unique forces which fought in that particular battle. Whether it was the Unidentified Viet Cong Forces, the Air Cavalry Division, North Vietnamese Army, or the Marines these forces carry a heavy amount of weaponry.

[floatright][/floatright]The maps in BF Vietnam are huge with lush vegetation all around. The foliage in BF Vietnam provides great cover for anyone who wishes to sneak up on the enemy. Rice patties, palm trees, hills, and bodies of water are emphasized highly on each map. Visually, BF Vietnam is beautifully designed with great detail and amazing color. The maps aren’t the only features that are new in BF Vietnam. The customization options of your soldiers appearance is bonus to the gameplay. This feature just adds a little more creativity to the mix. Depending on which map you’re fighting on, you are given a few options of your soldier’s clothing, face and of course his class. My favorite soldier appearance is using the rough, rugged VC with the straw hat and sporting no shirt. The weapons each class carry were well designed with intricate firing sounds and reload action. The land, air, and water assault vehicles range from Phantom Jets, Sheridan tanks, Chanook Helicopters, T-54 tanks, Mig 17 attack jets, and Mi 8 Helicopter. American vehicles all come equipped with your choice of music to play while driving.

Battlefield Vietnam allows the gamer to experience a small portion of the essence of the Vietnam Era. With great music, weapons, and historically accurate maps Battlefield Vietnam assures the gamer with top notch gameplay. For you history and facts gurus, BF Vietnam also educates you with historic war facts of the Vietnam conflict in between loading times. With much competition EA pulls yet another great FPS from their sleeve and keeps the Battlefield series alive and well. I suggest that all of you PC gamers really consider securing yourself a copy of this game because it’s a classic.