Far Cry

August 17, 2004

For quite some time now, I have been itching to get a review up on Far Cry, but never really had the chance. Being that Far Cry has been out for a good time now, I thought I would sack up and just get it done. Crytek and Ubisoft have combined forces to design one of the best FPS out right now. A feature that stands out about this game is most definitely its superb graphics. Lush vegetation and clear blue water are just many of the exceptional scenery graphics that Far Cry provides.

After having their ship blown to pieces, Jack Carver (our protagonist) is on the search for the missing passenger of his boat. Valerie, who has been abducted by the habitants of the island which I might add are heavily armed, is in search of the answer of why hired mercenaries are guarding the island from outsiders. Of course, Jack is forced to find Valerie, which in turn sets in motion the horra that is being contained on the island.

To be quite honest, I have not finished Far Cry. I really enjoy engulfing myself in a game and I have been taking my time with Far Cry to really appreciate the graphics and AI. My PC is pretty solid which makes it a piece of cake to run the game. I must say that the environments are quite stunning with gorgeous tropical landscapes. Far Cry truly captivates you with its interaction with the environment. Something I really liked about Far Cry is the choice you have to either infiltrate an enemy base by stealth or guns blazing. Not everyone enjoys sneakers and so it appeals to a broader range of gamers by allowing the guns a blazing method of attack. The foliage allows you to really take cover and make your way around the island undetected. If detected, be very weary of the enemy because they will do everything necessary to eliminate you. They will give orders for back up, air support, covering fire, flanking maneuvers, and fire support so it’s best to find other means of infiltration. The games graphics and AI really bring another level of game play to the FPS genre. Blowing up helicopters over water or boats on the water is actually pretty slick. The burning wreckage of the still afloat boat will continue to smoke while partially sinking. Helicopters will fall directly to the ocean bottom, wrecked and leaking of oil. Dead bodies will continue to bleed and stay afloat on the water as well.

Far Cry’s game play is not as exciting as their graphics, but still provides a nice level of excitement to the gamer. If you get tired of playing the missions, simply pilfer a boat and take the scenic route around the entire island if you want. The free roaming is a really neat feature that has been implemented in Far Cry. Another really great feature is the sound of Far Cry. Gunfire, dialogue, environment, and vehicle sound effects really add to the uniqueness of Far Cry.

If you’re an FPS fan with an itching for something to hold you ever until Half-Life 2, then I suggest purchasing Far Cry. Experiencing the environments of Far Cry alone is a reason to try it out. Storyline and game play are little above average at best, but it’s well worth the money at the end of the day. To sum up my review, Far Cry really gives you a different aspect of gaming that has rarely been seen in the FPS genre.