Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA

January 2, 2007

[i][b]”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”[/b][/i]

For the most part, Konami didn’t do much “fixing” for [i]SuperNova[/i]. As with every [i]DDR[/i] installation, Konami continues with its winning formula of simple game mechanics, catchy pop tunes, and bright graphics.

The only thing that really needed fixing was the “mission mode,” which was the primary mode of play in Extreme 2 and continues to be the case in this game. In the previous version, you had a disorganized mess of a map that got more nightmarish and convoluted as you progressed. This time around, you get “Stellar Joints,” each having a nice list of objectives to complete, and you are allowed to choose which songs with which to complete them.

My only gripe with the mission mode has to do with those requiring completion with a certain character. Since the mission mode assigns you a random character with each song, you could play for quite a long time before you are able to complete that particular mission. These missions are supposed to be about skill, not luck.

After completing a number of objectives, you unlock one of three “Stellar Master Modes,” a kind of nonstop stage with a unique set of challenges that build upon and are slightly more difficult than the missions. This, in turn, unlocks songs, characters, and nonstop stages upon completion. You then buy them with your points (accumulated during play) in the shop for free play. I was able to unlock all the songs before things got too difficult for me to continue, but not without a little cheating via use of the regular handheld controller.

I royally hated the mission mode in [i]Extreme 2[/i], but if Konami continues with the set-up they have here, it could be something I will grow to enjoy.

The songs are the usual Konami fare. American pop songs, techno, electronica, trance, and Konami’s usual J-pop contributors (such as Naoki and Be For U) are all present and accounted for. What I found amusing was that a good portion of the American pop songs was from the early A

Score: 5/5

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