Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

October 14, 2003

The strategic roleplaying game genre has a tight fan base. Not many people have ever played a SRPG before, and those that have, share a strong loyalty to the genre. Atlus once again delves into the development of another SRPG in Disgaea. Atlus however took some liberties in the development of this game adding new features, a whole new concept, and of course new gameplay. What they gave us is a beautiful game throughout the board.


Disgaea is all about atmosphere. The world the designers have created is not only unique, but brilliant. In the vein of a classic B movie horror flick, the Netherworld is dark, humorous, yet colorful and melodramatic. The characters add a depth to the game I have not seen in a while. Each main character has his or her own specific zeal. While the young Dark Prince is a child trying to be as evil as a Dark Lord should be; a young vibrant Angel is trying to find love in the demon filled Netherworld. The contrast in each character creates both funny and over the top melodramatic moments. The voice acting is intentionally bad, that too adds to the B movie appeal

Character design is definitely one of a kind; leaving behind the A