Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

January 22, 2006

Do you remember when you were a kid and everyone told you not to go somewhere but you went there anyway? Now do you remember when you discovered an evil plan to control the world and your wise-cracking best friend fell into a pit of dark eco and was transformed into an strange furry creature? Yeah, that probably didn’t happen. This is, however, the case in Jak & Daxter.

As the silent hero Jak, sidekicked by his loud mouthed furball friend Daxter, you are on a mission to track down the evil duo who changed Daxter in order to have your friend returned to his normal state. With the help of Samos, the green sage and his engineering young daughter you discover there is more to the story. A plot unfolds to find all the dark eco and to use it to take over the world.

Gameplay is basically your standard fare for a platformer. As Jak you have the usual platforming moves: double jumps, spin attacks, power ups, etc. Throughout the game you will find different kinds of eco, the energy or life force of the planet. Each different kind of eco will have a specific temporary affect on your character. Green eco restores your health, blue makes you move faster, yellow allows you to shoot a projectile attack, and red makes your melee attacks significantly stronger. As you traverse through the game you will be required to collect little eggs called A

Score: 5/5

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