The Warriors

January 9, 2006

Who said all film-to-game adaptations are bad? Well, Rockstar’s Toronto division had more than 20 years to make the game, as opposed to some other game developers, but the bottom line is: [i]The Warriors[/i] is what the games based on films ought to be like!

Sadly enough, I didn’t see the movie, also entitled [i]The Warriors[/i], but it’s a movie I must watch soon. From what I’ve been told, the movie is as brutal as the game itself (which should be pretty awesome then).

Rockstar once again achieved to make a very brutal game. With games such as the [i]Grand Theft Auto[/i] series, or [i]Manhunt[/i], people should not expect less than an M-rated game because that is what the player will get. A few examples of how the game is violent: bashing bricks/glasses/balls one someone’s face, taking bats, hammers, meat cleavers, knives and other objects to waste your enemy.

Almost everything in this game causes some controversyA

Score: 5/5

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