Silent Hill Experience

May 29, 2006

The [i]Silent Hill Experience[/i] is not a game, let’s start out with that. This UMD was released around the time of the movie for promotion, and to cash in on the collectors.

The UMD features two animated graphic novels set in the Silent Hill universe, one of them being exclusive for this UMD. While the idea was great, in reality it fails. Unless you are an extremely fast reader, you won’t be able to read all of the text in the text bubbles and such, making you miss key information, and just making the experience (pun intended) frustrating. The stories aren’t really Silent Hill-esque, but are still ok. However, the music that underlines it is excellent.

Speaking of the music, there are twenty selected tracks from all four games. I personally think this is the best part of the disc, and the reason I won’t sell it. The music has a great atmosphere and can really get you in the mood of playing some Silent Hill. There is also an interview with the composer

There is also some movie stuff, such as interviews and trailers. Good stuff, but these will probably be in the DVD version of the Silent Hill movie, so this set isn’t something worth buying the UMD for.

While SHE is pretty cheap, I can only recommend it to collectors and fans of the series. The only part that makes SHE stand out is the music, which are available to buy anyways. The digital comic idea failed due to it’s speed, and the movie things will probably be available later. Unless you are a die-hard Silent Hill nut, [i]Silent Hill Experience[/i] is strictly a rental.

Score: 2/5

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