December 27, 2006

Having garnered a respectable amount of buzz and positive impressions during its debut at E3 last May, Elebits hit store shelves this December with some pretty high hopes attached. Released by Konami, the title was designed from the ground up to take advantage of Nintendo’s new console and its unique interface, capitalizing upon the company’s bold gameplay-over-graphics paradigm. Games developed this way are likely to be the strongest in the Wii’s catalog, so it’s understandable that gamers were excited to get their hands on Konami’s eccentric experiment. The good news is that Elebits makes good on the promise it showed at E3, as it is genuinely enjoyable to play and also a very good indication of the types of new gameplay ideas we’re likely to see from the Wii. Elebits features an odd but simple plot: gamers take on the role of a small child who inadvertently A

Score: 2/5

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