Far Cry Vengeance

January 9, 2007

In the movie The Ring, a haunted, malevolent videocassette kills viewers seven days after watching. It’s been roughly six days since I started playing Far Cry Vengeance for the Wii, and honestly, I’m starting to get a bit tetchy. Though nobody seemed particularly interested in Far Cry Instincts: Evolution or Instincts: Predator, Crytek and publisher Ubisoft further prove they aren’t above a quick cash-in with Vengeance’s release for the Wii. Despite having the seeds of what could have been a rewarding FPS experience for the fledgling Nintendo console, the Wii installment is a titular far cry from being entertaining, good, or even really finished.

In Far Cry Vengeance, players resume the role of gruff, testosterone-heavy Jack Carver as he sits in a beachside bar, despondent over the loss of his boat. When he falls in with a mysterious beauty expecting a romantic interlude, he soon finds himself in police custody. And, in true genre style, just after that, everyone and their brother starts shooting at him. The storyline is nearly identical to Evolution’s, but with the addition of some new levels and weapons. Unfortunately, anything that makes the game longer is less a feature and more a curse.

The burning question about Far Cry is A

Score: 1/5

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