Red Steel

November 16, 2006

Red Steel, Ubisoft’s Wii-exclusive first-person shooter that lets players live out their fantasies of being both a gun toting killer and human Cuisinart, has come a long way since it was first announced in April. The version that was offered for play at E3 2006 was nothing short of a mess, and in a few months time the company has managed to refine the game into something that is not only playable, but enjoyable as well, at least for the most part. There are still some minor control issues, and the game is still incredibly inconsistent in terms of visual acuity, but in spite of this Red Steel is still an unquestionably fun game to play.Set against a backdrop comprised of both the Japanese and American criminal underworlds, Red Steel begins as meeting with your fiancA

Score: 2/5

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