TV Armor

August 19, 2008

As a long time gamer, I am no stranger to flying controllers. In fact, some games have driven me to the brink and that has occasionally resulted in purchasing additional controllers. When the Wii was released, controllers continued to be slung through the air, but for a different reason.

Replacing a $40 or $50 controller hurts, but not nearly as bad as replacing a $2000 television. The epidemic became so widespread that a website was launched to let everyone share in the pain of those that either didn’t heed Nintendo’s warning to use the wrist strap or were stung by the first generation straps that were apparently not strong enough to actually keep the remote from leaving your hand.

I recently felt that same pain as my 4yr old sent a matchbox car sailing through the front of my LCD. After doing some research, I found a product that would save us all the pain of experiencing this first hand, TV Armor.

TV Armor is a A

Score: 5/5

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