Hexic HD

June 28, 2006

When Microsoft launched the Xbox 360, they launched a new version of Xbox Live. One of the key features of the new XBL was the Xbox Marketplace. The marketplace is built upon the concept of micro-payments/micro-transactions for inexpensive games or additional content for full blown console games. [i]Hexic HD[/i] is the one freebie that Microsoft throws in to get you hooked on the concept. Was it a marketing ploy or merely a move of generosity? Either way, I spend way too much time on this little puzzle game.

[i]Hexic HD[/i] is a very simple game at its core; Rotate the hexics to form clusters of like colored tiles and they disappear. Pretty simple right? The genius behind this game is none other than Alexey Pajitnov whom you might know for his work as the original creator of Tetris. The game’s complexity ramps up in the upper levels throwing bonus pieces, bombs, and starflowers into the mix. These can create huge scoring opportunities so watch out for them.

The free download has 3 single player modes available: Marathon, Timed, and Survival. They are all essentially the same game with a different name, but provide a nice change of pace.

There isn’t too much else to say about [i]Hexic HD[/i] other than beware. [i]Hexic HD[/i] is a very simple game that will suck you in and monopolize all your time. It’s a free download so why not?

Score: 5/5

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