Hitman: Blood Money

December 6, 2006

Before [i]Blood Money[/i], I didn’t really get into the [i]Hitman[/i] franchise. I always found it a bit complicated and hard (yes, I was a complete noob back then), but as a fan of sneaking games (which is what you mainly do in [i]Blood Money[/i]), I couldn’t just go by this game.

[i]Blood Money[/i] is one of the best games on the 360, even if it’s a multiplatform title. The game itself is about 10 hours long, and there are dozens of reasons why you should replay the game. Thanks to the unlockable achievements, the longevity of this title is increased greatly. Achievements are fun, and unlike many 360 games, they are not tedious. The secret achievements are probably the most fun to get (and they are usually worth a lot of points too). You can play the game a million ways, and it’s likely that two replays will be different (unless you deliberately do the same thing as in your previous play through). You can go in like Rambo and kill everyone and hope to live more than 5 minutes, or you can go in, use stealth and deception to earn the ultimate reward: the ranking of Silent Assassin. With Silent Assassin rankings you get quite a bit of a bonus at every level, not to mention achievement points after a certain amount of rankings collected.

There is some story involved in the game, told from flashbacks, with the “epilogue” mission being in the present. The story is mainly about how someone has infiltrated the ICA, Agent 47’s agency, and members of it are eliminated. Soon enough, only 47 is left. Can he survive this deadly manhunt?

While the graphics were great, I didn’t exactly soil myself from beauty. It certainly looks much better than previous generation versions of the game, but it’s nothing great. The music is pretty good, especially during the intro scene. It has a nice soothing feeling to it, which is pretty interesting, considering you are going to have to kill a LOT of people during the game.

[i]Hitman: Blood Money[/i] was an awesome experience. There were so many ways I could do a mission, and there are so many things I still have to try out that I can not abandon this game after one play through. I suggest that you buy this game immediately, and always try something different if you choose to replay. If you have not tried a previous [i]Hitman[/i] game, but you like games like Splinter Cell or Thief, then you will adore [i]Hitman: Blood Money[/i].

Score: 5/5

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