July 23, 2006

Prey has been a long time coming. The title goes back as far as 1997, plagued with troubles from the start due to company changes and technical problems. Eventually, the game was put on hold, thought to be locked in a vault deep underground alongside the Ark of the Covenant and Hitler’s brain. Fast forward to 2006, almost ten years later, and Prey has finally been released thanks to the renewed efforts of Human Head Studios and 3D Realms. Games in development hell for long periods usually end up being a pretty huge disappointment. Prey is the exception to this rule.

Prey begins with Tommy, a Cherokee mechanic and former army soldier staring into a bathroom mirror in his girlfriend’s bar. He hates the fact that he is stuck on his Native American reservation, and from the opening lines you feel this character has some great angst concerning his current situation in life. His grandfather and girlfriend’s outspoken desire for him to stay and embrace his heritage only further fuels his need to escape. However, this wanderlust did not include trips aboard an alien spaceship, but when aliens teleport into the bar and abduct those inside, Tommy quickly finds himself on a mission not only to save himself and his girlfriend, but Earth itself.

Prey is made up of more or less every established first-person shooter clichA

Score: 2/5

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