Project Gotham Racing 3

June 28, 2006

While I never managed to play [i]Project Gotham Racing[/i] on the original Xbox, [i]Project Gotham Racing 2[/i] quickly became once of my favorite racing games on the system with its stylish racing and great online integration. [i]Project Gotham Racing 3[/i] continues the series’ excellence, and is the definition of next-gen racing for the Xbox 360. [i]PGR3[/i] manages to improve upon the formula provided by its predecessors while coming packaged with some of the most amazing graphics ever seen in video gaming. There have been several racing games brought to the Xbox 360 since launch, but with its style and polish, [i]Project Gotham Racing 3[/i] is set to be the premier racing title for the Xbox 360.

In terms of change, there isn’t a whole lot that separates [i]PGR3[/i] from the previous titles in the series. Fans from the first two games already know the premise. While the Playstation’s flagship racing series Gran Turismo is known for having a simulated approach to racing, Microsoft’s flagship racing game takes on a more arcade-like feel with the Kudos system. While the basic idea of the series is still street racing in sleek supercars, [i]PGR3[/i] encourages the racer to perform flashy drifts, slides and jumps to earn points, connecting stunts together to multiply the score further. While earning Kudos isn’t required per se, it can be hard to progress further into the game without taking some risks on the track.

Speaking of tracks, there are several different game modes available in the game, taking place over five different cities. That’s right, there are only five cities to be had in [i]PGR3[/i], which is, admittedly, a scarce number. However, each track is split into several sections, so while you will be racing the same city multiple times, you’ll be doing so in different sections, which makes up for the small amount of cities available. At the same time, the cities and tracks included in the game are all based off of real life locales, including parts of New York, London, Tokyo, Las Vegas, and the famous NA

Score: 5/5

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