TNT Racers

March 1, 2011

TNT Racers is your typical top-down racing game with weapons and power-ups, something we don’t see a lot of these days. It comes complete with some of the same modes, challenges, and options you’d expect from a Micro Machines game. It’s not Micro Machines, no, but it does offer a close enough experience for fans of that series. 

Controls are great, with each vehicle handling slightly differently, allowing you to have a few favorites. There is a nice variety of power-ups to use, with each one offering something unique depending on the mode. And while the visuals are lackluster, the music is enjoyable (and rather classy) offering something pleasant to balance out the bland look of the game. 

The single player is nothing special; it offers a decent variety of challenges and difficulties, but it’s pretty forgettable. You are basically completing challenges against A.I. opponents to try and unlock new courses and cars. It’s a great way to introduce you to the different courses, weapons, and modes, but it doesn’t offer much past that. It won’t be long before you’re sick of the annoying A.I. and the repetitive nature of the challenges.  

During single player, if your A.I. opponents aren’t randomly falling off of the course, they will often double (or triple) team you even if you are in last. I found myself failing a lot of the challenges just due to being outnumbered by the three other racers who decide to target me specifically over each other. This is the biggest problem with playing this game solo, as it can make the experience less than ideal. 

The meat of the game is the multiplayer, which is a lot of fun, offering you the same modes, options, tracks, and weapons found in the single player. You can play both local and online multiplayer and customize your races as much as you like, and it is a great time if you have three people to play with. The online is lag free and races run smoothly, but you’ll be lucky if you can find anyone else to play with.

If you’re dying to try a new Micro Machines game, or at least a game similar to it, you can’t really go wrong with TNT Racers. It’s got some major problems, but get three friends together and it will provide you with at least a few hours of entertainment. 

Pros: Classy music; great controls; multiplayer is a blast

Cons: Lackluster visuals; annoying A.I.; shallow single player experience


Score: 3/5

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