Cold Fear

June 17, 2005

[floatleft][/floatleft]Survival-horror, you should know the genre by now. We have seen reams of them flood the consoles over the years, each trying to bring something new, most failing in the attempt. At first, we had scary pop-up moments that were trickled throughout the game. Then ambience made with sound and design. All of which gave the “been there done that” reaction from a lot of gamers. [i]Cold Fear[/i] by Ubisoft is another survival-horror game, many times referred to as [i]Resident Evil 4[/i] on a boat. Now while I cannot say that is totally true, it does borrow many of the aspects that make [i]RE4[/i] so good. By aspects, I mean an attention to action. In the past, it was scattered action and lots of puzzle solving. Now it’s blow stuff up, unlock a door, blast more things, get scared, blow away what scared youA

Score: 5/5

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