DOA: Extreme Beach Volleyball

February 28, 2003

[floatleft][/floatleft]First off let me just say that I am not entertained by sports game at all, but there is one exception…and it’s not this game. Before I begin talking about the games quality, I am one to say the only reason I played this game was for the chicks. I was sucked in and brainwashed by the games deceiving and conniving tactics of beautiful half naked women rolling around giggling. Wait…how is that any different from real life?

Once you pop this game into your Xbox its nothing but half naked women. The introduction to DOA has some amazing cinematics and graphics. The story begins when you are sipping on a glass of champagne with Zack on a huge cruise liner. You then are introduced to Zack Island, with some whacky and goofy cinematics. Once you land on Zack Island you are partnered with one of the islands inhabitants who happen to be on vacation as well. They give you a quick low down on the haps of the Island and the different things that you can do, which let me tell you are not much. Before you begin the game you have the option of choosing one of the 8 girls. Blonde, brunette, red head, pink haired, big boobs, and small boobs you pick from the eight that are given to you. Once you are partnered up, that is your volleyball teammate. Since you are going to be new to playing volleyball I suggest everyone plays a regular exhibition before going into vacation mode. Why you ask. Because once you start playing volleyball in vacation mode and you lose two matches, then your partner ditches you and moves on to team up with someone else. Getting another partner to team up with you will be a daunting task to perform. Asking other girls to team up with you will only result in massive denials, once you lose matches then the entire island knows you suck. In order for girls to team up with you is by giving them gifts you receive from Zack, or just buying them gifts. You are given money once you arrive on the island, but you can easily lose it in the casino when you go back to the hotel for the evening. You have many games to play from, for example roulette, poker, blackjack, or even slots. You can easily make some money too, but I still think the games in the casino are rigged. Now you have the option of buying different items at the sports shop, accessory shop, and the Zack of all trades shop. Buying the girls gifts doesn’t guarantee you a partner; they have the option of not excepting the gift or just throwing it away. Getting another partner takes time and more gifts, that means more gifts means more money. You know like real chicks. Another method of getting more cash is by playing poolside games. That gives you some cash but not enough to get really nice gifts. When buying or receiving gifts you get from bikinis, glasses, hats, lotion, flowers, nun chucks, knives, guns, salad, sushi recipes, etc. Once you have scored a partner and you start winning matches, then the money rolls in.

[floatright][/floatright]The game is just like a vacation so you don’t have much time to stay on the island. Once your vacation is over then the game is over. You have the option of starting a new vacation, or just play a volleyball exhibition. This game has a fun factor of about 3 out of 10. Playing volleyball is about the closest thing to being fun on the island. The controls are very limited when playing volleyball. You have two buttons to use to regulate your intensity of hitting the ball. Soft or hard are your options in the analog mode, but when switched to digital you have all four buttons to work with. You also have the option of setting the amount pressure that a button takes to designate the intensity level of the power you hit the ball. But again the amount of strategy you have during a match is very limited. You can choose to play to 6 or 10 points in one match, and choose different locations around the island to play on. The button scheme is the same when playing poolside-hopping games. If you hit the button hard then you may go too far, or if you hit it too soft then you might just miss it. Another feature you have on the controls is with your left and right triggers. Both triggers enable you to zoom and change camera angles on the girls. But you do not have the freedom of camera movements during volleyball play. When you’re not playing volleyball or hopping in the pool, then you can shop, take a rest in pool, or just walk around the beach. Once its evening time you can choose to go to sleep, play in the casino, or watch a video if you get one for a gift. The videos are just previous ads for old DOA games, which is pretty cool. Another feature you have during game play is stopping by the radio station and selecting music to add to your track play list. You can choose from various artist and genres like Christina Aguilera, Spice Girls, Baha Men, and Reel Big Fish. You don’t have many so the music gets old after while. The overall sound is not very detailed, although you can hear the waves and the girls dialogue is not so wonderful. Now I know that all the DOA games are in Japanese, but I am just not very excited about dialogue that is repeated over and over again.

The graphics in this game are great but not flawless. Let me try and break it down the best I can for you readers. The cinematics in the beginning and the end are very well done, very well detailed with great motion. The colors are extremely appealing and very beautiful. The shadows from the moving palm trees, the glistening of the moving water with reflections, and the shifting of the sands are just a few examples of the really detailed graphics in this game. But you can also tell on certain areas of the island that the grass is very flat with no definition along with the trees. The body of the women are curved well and colored exceptionally considering the various women. When some of the girls are wearing thongs their butts seem to continue as part of their back with no distinctions. You can tell that the hair movements on some are little off when they move around in the sand or when playing volleyball. The hair seems to go through their body and disappear at times, and along with their feet when they dig in the sand. The lining in the sand when the girls move around is off at times and creates a straight cut through their body. Some of the far backgrounds seem really flat and not colored very well. A few of the cutaway scenes of the girls moving around in the sand or in the water are very edgy and linear. However the close ups of the girls faces are very well detailed and colored. Let me just say that the graphics are probably the best things in this game, which make things a little interesting.

[floatleft][/floatleft]The game itself is not very fun outside of the volleyball matches, and even then it’s not very entertaining. There have been times when playing a match; it might take 5-10 minutes before you or your opponent score a point. So pretty much you can keep the ball in play forever, that means there is just no strategy in this game what so ever. If anyone is into non-strategy volleyball, T & A, and horrible game play then this is your huckleberry. This game is only worth renting just so you can say you looked at some CG T & A.