This week, we match flowers, roll a sphere and do other things that don’t cost much.

Flowerz: This game’s similar to the match-three games Bejeweled and Hexic. The main difference? You’re now matching flowers. You start off with only matching red, blue and yellow flowers, but as you progress, you have to start matching more and more hues. READ MORE

This week, we look at a port of iOS/Mac mainstay Cro-Mag Rally and an in-house Microsoft title.

Cro-Mag Rally: Kart racers have seen their fair share of ups and downs, from the great Mario Kart 64 to the not-so-much Madagascar Kartz. Cro-Mag Rally first launched in 2008 on the iPhone (though it was a Mac game before that), and honestly, not much has changed. The tilt controls are the same, and the graphics and textures still don’t look right. There is a learning curve, and those prone to dizziness should stay away as the steering can get out of control. READ MORE

This week, we look at a mobile version of the venerable rhythm series and a social word game.

Guitar Hero 5: Guitar Hero might be taking a hiatus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take the Windows Phone 7 version of Guitar Hero 5 for a spin. Gone are the five-button guitars, and in its place are three touch buttons: green, red, and yellow. Gameplay consists of you hitting the correct button when the notes hit the bottom of the screen, very reminiscent of the console games. The game features over 30 songs, most of which have been in past Guitar Hero games. READ MORE

This week, we take a look at Hydro Thunder Go, the racing game with boats, water and terrific visuals, as well as the mobile version of Full House Poker.

Hydro Thunder Go: Tilt control is the main control scheme in Go, and it’s utilized very nicely. Never do you feel as if the boat is out of control. There are two available modes: Championship is your standard campaign mode, and Time Trial allows you to download ghost of your friends’ best times to try to beat. Both give you bronze, silver, and gold trophies, but finishing in the top three unlocks more tracks and boats. (We appreciate that it’s forgiving like that.) READ MORE

This week, we’re solving crimes by looking at pictures, then committing them by driving fast in cars.

Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet: Based on a James Patterson book, this game has you trying to solve murders and crimes by finding items hidden in pictures. The main problem with this, though, is that most of the items don’t pertain to the crime you’re investigating. Trying to find a butterfly won’t help you solve a murder. Some of the items are also very small, something that will hurt gamers with small screens on their phones, since you do have a 5-minute timer. READ MORE