November 2003

Metal Arms

November 30, 2003

So I spent my Thanksgiving break playing Metal Arms. I think its a solid 3rd person shooter, but goodness gracious was the Zombiebot King a pain in the butt. I also have a bone to pick with the vsync issues that seem to have reared their ugly head in this game AND Jak2. I haven’t seen these problems in any current gen game to date with the exception of those two. I would like to not see it present in any future games either.

Crimson Tides is the best friggin game on Xbox Live. Oh and Cone is a celebrity now. I heard he bought a mink coat.


November 29, 2003

If you want to see something strange, I am being featured as the User of the Day over at Seti’s homepage today.

I almost forgot. I got my Red vs Blue DVD in the mail yesterday and it is awesome. I highly suggest you order one ASAP.

Ohhhh I get it…

November 27, 2003

Thanksgiving Day, filled full of football, turkey and a whole lot of kids yelling in my ear. None the less, I figured out how exactly to play Counter Strike and now its not so bad. Granted you play with people that actually play the game the way it is supposed to be played, but you know online gamer. He loves to make sure that never happens. Problem here is that the game is set up for objectives. Unfortunately those objectives are often times thrown out the window in favor of a big ass death match, which totally blows. So if you can indeed play the game like it is supposed to be played, then Counter Strike is fresh. If not, then its complete garbage. On a sad note, most people online play the garbage route.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 27, 2003

Put your controllers down for 5 minutes and visit with your family. Your parents and loved ones will be grateful for the time you spend with them.