Snackbar Games is a 100% volunteer driven website. As such, we do receive different forms of compensation for our efforts.

Review Products

Many of the games that we review are provided to us free of charge by the Developer or Publisher of the game. There is no spoken or implied arrangement for us to provide favorable coverage of any titles that we receive in this manner.  We do not provide reviews for products that we have not played nor do we accept payment to influence our review process. Our writers are free to keep the games they receive as a form of compensation. It is understood that this doesn’t influence the content of the review and the writers themselves are usually not in contact with Publishers directly as the review copies are arranged by one of the Sr. Editors (Chris Rasco or Graham Russell).


We do accept payment for both graphical ads and text based ads to help cover our hosting costs. These ads will usually stand out and be obvious that they are not original content on our site. We do run ads for products that we don’t explicitly endorse.

Affiliate Programs

We currently participate in the Amazon Affiliate program and reserve the right to participate in other affiliate programs. Any links to products or stores may contain our affiliate code in them.