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Snackbar Games was formed in 2002 by a small group of friends in San Antonio, Texas. We’ve grown by leaps and bounds over the years, merging with Disc Read Error in 2005 and eToychest in 2007. We’ve branched out into various fields from time to time, but our focus has always been to deliver quality game reviews and compelling features.

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Graham Russell


Graham runs Snackbar’s editorial operations, coordinates the staff, edits the site’s content and hosts its video shows. He also helms the Multitap and Gaijin Guide columns. When he’s not working for Snackbar, he’s a graphic designer and game designer, as well as an Associate Editor at Technology Tell. He joined Snackbar in February 2007, and was named Editor-in-Chief in October 2012.

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Andrew Passafiume

Features Editor

Andrew took on the role of Features Editor in October 2012, and oversees the site’s voice and special projects. Since joining the site in July 2009, Andrew has written the New Game+ column, and he has co-hosted the site’s shows. He has a passion for game music and the game crafting process.

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Chris Ingersoll

Senior Writer

Chris has been a writer for Snackbar since 2005, when the site merged with Disc Read Error. He has been a Nintendo fan ever since the days of Mega Man 2 and has fond memories of playing Atari 2600 games with his father before that. Every week he attends a local board gaming group, a source of many Unplugged features here at Snackbar.

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Justin Last

Senior Writer

Justin is an avid fan of platformers, puzzle games, first-person shooters and board games. When not playing games, he is a systems engineer, husband and father of four. Justin joined the site in 2007, and serves as a reviews specialist.

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Henry Skey

Staff Writer

Henry Skey pens the Serotonin column and co-hosts Snack Time. He joined the site in June 2012. Aside from games and writing, he enjoys cricket, soccer, theatre and movies.

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Eric Albuen

Staff Writer

Eric is an aspiring game journalist residing in New Jersey. Aside from indulging in Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania IIDX and DJMax Technika weekly, he enjoys fighters, RPGs, adventure games, platformers and the occasional sports game. He joined the site in July 2011.

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Victoria Dominowski

Staff Writer

Victoria focuses on shining a light on under-appreciated parts of the games world through interviews, features and occasional reviews. She’s a retro gaming enthusiast, striving for an nigh-encyclopedic knowledge of all things gaming. Victoria joined Snackbar in June 2012.

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Jeff deSolla

Staff Writer

Serving primarily as the site’s PC correspondent, Jeff joined the site in March 2012. He occasionally delves into MMORPG topics in longer features.

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Ryan Dunn

Staff Writer

Ryan’s passion for games started young with his first NES, and has only intensified as he’s grown older. Now, as a father with two kids of his own, he still attempts to find as much time as possible to play. Alongside playing games, he is a high school physics teacher and theatre director. He joined the site in August 2014.

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Shawn Vermette

Staff Writer

Shawn’s specialties include sports, strategy and RPG titles. He initially wrote for Snackbar from 2009 to 2013, and rejoined the site in February 2015 to assist in reviews coverage. When not doing work for the site, he’s a programmer.

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Chris Rasco

Owner and Publisher

Chris Rasco is the current owner and publisher of Snackbar Media. He is one of the founding members of Snackbar Games, and also serves as its lead developer. In addition to Snackbar Games, he runs The Cover Project.

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