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Things have really changed in the games industry in recent years. Originally, you had to delve into the corners and crevices of the hobby to unearth experiences you could enjoy locally with friends. Lately, of course, that’s gotten a lot easier. Exploring the show floor at PAX South, though, it dawned on me that finding those experiences isn’t the problem anymore. They’re everywhere, and in this case that was literal. Now it’s about filtering through to find the best ones. So here are the eight coolest couch-play games I checked out at the show, what they’re like and how (and when) you can play them.


Graham and Jeremy foster better relations between Japan and the Soviet Union through water in Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen, a 1991 Famicom puzzle title from Compile. How does a game like this even happen? We don’t know, but we start to get the hang of building pipes across the screen.

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Nintendo has begun to release Wii games on the Wii U eShop, starting with Super Mario Galaxy 2 and continuing with at least a few more. These games are identical to the originals, except for ease of access and GamePad emulation of the Classic Controller, if the game supports it. Here are six games we think deserve a second chance on the service, even though they haven’t been announced for any territory. READ MORE

Don’t like sports? Around big events like the Super Bowl, there’s no escaping them, so why not find a way to embrace them? In this update of a piece that originally ran in 2012, we tell you about some games you should check out even if they have sports in them, because you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition (360/PS3)

If you’ve ever played an NBA Jam game, be it the arcade/16-bit originals or the recent remakes, you know what I do: that it’s much less of a sports game, and much more of a sports-themed multiplayer brawler. The newest version smooths the rough edges, looks slick and has a bunch of fun teams to play. Want to go around as Santa Claus, shoving Isaac Clarke and a raptor while an announcer rattles off silly-but-somehow-still-satisfying one-liners? That’s in a game now. — Graham Russell READ MORE

It’s Snack Time’s inaugural episode of 2015! Graham, Andrew and Ryan check out the party-building, whimsical RPG antics of multiplatform release Citizens of Earth.

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Welcome to our new video version of Gaijin Guide! This show is designed to give you a look at accessible import games, letting you know what makes them special and showing you how to get started.

In this first video edition of Gaijin Guide, Graham and Jeremy hit the links! Mobile Golf, a late Game Boy Color game, was the direct sequel to cult favorite Mario Golf (GBC) and the flagship release for the stuck-in-Japan Mobile Adapter GB, a device that allowed for network play through phones.

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There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming year! The Snackbar Games crew shares the titles we’re most eagerly awaiting in 2015.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady’s Arkham games were amazing last generation. Batman manages to feel powerful and fragile at the same time, the marriage of action and stealth is a joy to play and I can’t wait to see what Rocksteady can do with the increased power afforded them by modern hardware. Narratively, I get to see the end of a trilogy, and after remotely running the Batmobile into Bane in Arkham Asylum, I’m anxious to play with the upgraded model in Arkham Knight. - Justin Last READ MORE


We live in a different sort of world these days, often getting localizations of niche titles before they’re even released in Japan. But that doesn’t mean everything makes it to the West! Here are ten games we could see Stateside in 2015, as well as assessments of their chances. READ MORE

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We’ve named our picks for best game on each system, as well as doled out some special awards, but today we share our overall Game of the Year winner. READ MORE