Online Gaming

Online gaming is predicted to one day exceed the offline console and PC sector in terms of popularity and gaming quality, and the growth is likely to take another huge leap forward during 2008 – thanks to new innovations, increased worldwide broadband access and more gaming options than ever before.

Take a look at the online gaming and casino options available at – and check out the latest game releases and innovations that make playing online such an advantage……

Free-play online games

One of the biggest online gaming sectors is (unsurprisingly) the free-play sector, offering anything from classic board games like chess, to computer classics such as space invaders. It’s really all about intrinsic, light-hearted fun. Typical users include very casual gamers, such as office workers looking for something to entertain them during breaks (or when they should be working!), students and surfers looking for online entertainment. Most free-play websites have up-grade options, or simply make money via advertising. Although many free-play gamers never progress to paid options, an increasing number are migrating to casino websites (which, incidentally also offer free-play credits).

Multi-player gaming

Multi-player role play games (MPRG) are huge on the internet – simply because  the networking power of the internet instantly allows gamers from all over the world to link-up and enter the same gaming environments. This makes the concept of fighting wars, playing football or any other interactive concept, a reality.  However, multi-player games don’t have to be traditional console or PC games. The web has seen the rise of competitions such as multi-player quizzes and puzzles – with rewards for winning gamers.

Online Casino gaming

Online casino gaming is an online sector with a huge scope for growth – especially with the constant innovations and enhancements that seem to come from software developers such as Microgaming and Playtech. One advantage of casino gaming is its diversity – it offers something for everyone:

Gaming simulations

Online casino games have reached an incredible level of detail and realism, simulating genuine game-play, with 3D graphics, beautifully rendered graphics and a speed and slickness reminiscent of a genuine casino table. Virtually anyone who ventures into a good online casino falls for the intuitive charms of playing famous games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, craps and countless other Vegas classics. Of course for existing offline casino lovers – the web provides an amazing new leisure option.

Skill games

Many online casino gamers play with a weekly leisure budget, and are really there for the fun. However, the skill gaming sector is exploding – as more and more players demand the chance to game with an element of skill, rather than chance! Online casinos of the perfect place to head if that’s your goal – with numerous games such as blackjack and video poker/poker responding to genuine skill and strategies.  Online casinos games are considered so advanced and realistic that there are hundreds of full-time online casino pro’s who make good money working the web.

Parlour gaming

Most online casino gamers can also experience luck-based parlour gaming – with options such as Bingo, Keno and scratch cards topping the list. In fact, the parlour niche is massive, thanks to the games offer instant fun, social interaction and rewards. If you love lotto and scratch cards in the real world, you’ll adore online casino parlours – everyone loves fun and these make the ideal coffee break!

Casino gaming bonuses & jackpots

Web casinos follow in the tradition of the finest Las Vegas casinos – offering you bonuses and the chance of jackpot rewards. Online gamers can frequently pick-up £/$1000.00 in free play bonus credits, enjoy 95-98% average payouts and play for jackpots literally worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The latest online gaming innovations

So – you’ve seen the online gaming options – but what’s hot on the web in 2008? In the free-play sector, nothing’s really changed, and while the sites will always be there, you’re unlikely to see major innovations that will revolutionise your gaming.

However, role playing games continue to hot the screens at an astonishing rate, and expect to see more and more multi-player contests, such as Cal Ripken’s Real Baseball, with $2,000 in prizes.

Meanwhile, the online casino gaming sector is looking pretty hot, with awesome new interactive video slots such as the new Lara Croft Secret of the Sword Slot – the latest in a long line of Tombraider classics. The biggest innovation however, is multi-player slot contests – something that’s brought console like interaction to the casino – check it out.