February 2004

I dont have much time for posting so I fit this in here at Texas State. I will be coming back to San Antonio tonight and would love to get together with some people for some Final Fantasy CC. More then likely at the Xtreme Gaming Cyber Cafe. I will post in the forums when and where.

Cause I know you are wondering what I think, yes the game is very fun. I love it already. Oh yeah, I just about cut my finger off this week, blood everywhere, cool shit. Mounting art work is a pain.

Making a come back!

February 12, 2004

Seems that in the past Star Wars has never impressed us with games with the exception of Knights of the Old Republic. Well in the Fall of ‘O4 they are making a come back. I just saw the trailer to SW Battlefront and it was amazing. And I am not talking about cut scenes either. I’m talking about actual in game footage. Also being released around that time is SW Republic Commando. Now I have seen dozens of screens for that game and it looks killer.

Also due out some time in the future is the DVD set of Star Wars Episode IV, V, VI. It’s about time those movies are coming out for DVD.

Since I know we have a large overseas audience, I thought they might be interested to know that Sega will now be publishing all the Sports Interactive titles for the next 5 years. The first game due out is Eastside Hockey Manager with Football Manager 2005 (as in Soccer) due out shortly after that. Football Manager 05 is set to be every bit as good as Eidos’ Chamionship Manager 5 when it arrives.

20 Million GBAs

February 12, 2004

…in the US alone. You heard me right. According to a Reuters report, the king of the handheld market has sold over 20 Million GBA and GBA SPs in the US alone. I wonder what that figure looks like for worldwide sales…

Lord of the Rings RTS

February 12, 2004

EA has a new RTS game based on Lord of the Rings coming out that could rival Warcraft III for the top spot in the Fantasy RTS genre. The game looks absolutely fabulous and is said to allow over 500 characters on screen….that will certainly be a feat in itself.