May 2004

Best Buy deals

May 27, 2004

I am sure you all heard about the clearance sale that Best Buy and Best were running this week. $5 for a game is almost as cheap as renting so even if the game sucks, you are still only out $5. I have heard rumors that they may be restocking in small quantities, so make sure you run by your local Best Buy. You can find a listing of games on the forums courtesy of The Wraith.

I picked up Beyond Good and Evil (GC), Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion (PS2), Matt Hoffman Pro BMX 2 (PS2), and Pac Man Fever (PS2). Not a bad deal for $20. Not all of the games have had their prices changed in store, so don’t be afraid to ask for a price check to verify before you purchase.

Holy Crap!

May 26, 2004

15 people all playing BF Vietnam! 15 people all on our Teamspeak Server! 15 people all on the same team! Greatest night of gaming so far ever.

Mad props to everyone who played BFV tonight. It was awsome to see a whole team with the SB tag! Represent!

Yes folks, tonight should be a great night to fight in the bush. Pickle, Crog, Khaine, and the rest of the SB Dynasty should be ruling the jungle this evening. Remember folks, you can also join the fight by getting your copy of BF Vietnam at your nearest EB Games. BF Vietnam has been dominating the PC realm as of late, the hype is all true so mix it in getting a copy. Hit us up on Teamspeak, all the server info is in the forums. -Out

Happy birthday to Relmy of our community. She has earned all the props in the world and co-admins our biggest community with our Neverwinter Nights community. Happy B-Day Relmy we love you!

Ok maybe not but we just try to find Charlie and wipe him out. Either way Snackbar is Battlefield Vietnam ready. We have a whole crew that plays right here in San Antonio totally hooked up to our crew around the world! Our Teamspeak server info is right on the Battlefield Community forum. Stop by and help fight the good fight.

WAR! What is it good for!?