October 2005


October 27, 2005

Get em in, we record the next podcast/lifestyles this weekend! I also want to hear feedback on the lifestyles show we just put up also!

Destroy All Humans

October 25, 2005

I know some of you were probably rejoicing at my apparent demise, but I am here to inform you that no such act has transpired. My re-emergence carries with it a bit of news concerning one of the better games to come out recently, [i]Destroy All Humans[/i]. Apparently [i]DAH[/i] is going to get the hollywood treatment, but not to the full extent you might picture. Instead of hitting the silver screen, [i]DAH[/i] will be debuting as a TV show on Fox.

Coming Soon didn’t have a date on when we can expect the invasion, but if done properly this could be one hilarious show.

Source: [url=http://www.comingsoon.net/news/topnews.php?id=11682]Coming Soon![/url]


October 24, 2005

We nearing the end of the lifecyles for this generation, so I decided to revert a bit and play some games that have been collecting dust. It started with Morrowind, then the obvious character regret set it so I switched it up this weekend to Final Fantasy X. I forgot how great this game was. From all the cut scenes (which I know for you non FF folks can be annoying) to the fantastic moments that just make your heart melt. Ok I may be a bit to sentimental, but ask any FF fan and they will tell you the same thing. Everyone has a favorite moment, and making its own save right before that moment is what it is all about.

Wakka’s awesome thumbs up after his last tournament was my favorite of all time. Yuna’s water dance also has a special save slot. Damn this is great game making.

Doom the movie

October 21, 2005

So Lactose over at Moviethunder.com asked me to do a Doom review. You know since I do all this great work for Snackbar GAMES. So I was a natural selection. Although its no secret I dont like writing reviews, but couple the fact that it was a FREE movie, and that I cash in on Lactose’s chewing gum on a daily basis, I felt I owed it to him. Check out the review for the movie on our bad to the bone sister site.

[url=http://www.moviethunder.com/r87.html]Doom the movie review[/url] over at our sister site Moviethunder.com

SBG Frapper

October 19, 2005

I thought it would be neat to see where all of our readers are located globally. Feel free to add yourselves to our “[url=http://www.frappr.com/snackbargames]Frapper[/url]” which is an application based on Google Maps. Kinda neat.

Edit: They moved the Frapper application so I updated the url with the proper link.