August 2005

Cho Ren Sha 68k Contest

August 23, 2005

A friend of mine is running a high score contest for the shmup Cho Ren Sha. A shmup is a side scrolling (or vertical scrolling) shooter like Ikaruga. You can find the official rules and details [url=]here[/url]. The contest ends on Sept. 3rd at midnight so get your scores in.

Few random thoughts.

First off Battlefield Modern Combat for the Xbox better not ever see the light of day. Its horrible. And by horrible I mean god awful, sharing the name of BF with the PC version is not cool. Once again dumbed down console gameplay. Console Vs PC version discussion? Proceed.

Also, Brothers In Arms sequel entitled “Earned in Blood” will be coming out sometime soon. Cool thing, CoOp play. Finally I can get down with Pretz and do some strategic butt kicking.

We will resume podcasting next Friday so stay tunned for that.

EDIT: I got the name of the Brothers In Arms sequel wrong, I’m a loser…


August 19, 2005

This week basically zipped by for me. Getting sick for a day and then having my fridge die didn’t exactly help matters. Needless to say I will probably spend the weekend packing, but a few thoughtful individuals planted the seed for 3 games that they insist I pick up (LEGO Star Wars, Resident Evil 4, and Dawn of War). I always get nervous about actually going out and “buying” new games because if I don’t like it then there is in fact a feeling of loss for spending money on it. With that said, I need some help here to decided the fate of the 3 aforementioned games. To buy or not to buy?

Xbox 360 Pricing

August 17, 2005

The hot topic for the day has been the official pricing on the Xbox 360 and I have to say that I am a little irked about it. Microsoft led us to believe that wireless controllers would be standard and while nothing was confirmed on HD inclusion it was assumed that would be the case. The official prices are as follows:

$299 gets you the core unit with a wired controller, no harddrive, and standard AV cables.

$399 gets you the system with a wireless controller, a 20GB harddrive, and HighDef AV cables. For a limited time you also get a remote.

I am not opposed to the $399 price as much as I am irritated that the market is going to be fragmented with multiple hardware configurations. If the lack of support for the PS2 harddrive (by Sony as well as developers) was any indicator of what that does for a peripheral then Microsoft may as well not even put out a harddrive for the 360.

I realize they are trying to please the gamers that want a plain jane system out of the box, but do they honestly think this is a good idea?

Podcast news

August 17, 2005

Hey kids, we are taking a break from the podcast for two weeks to gather new content. Man doing these things are fun, and its cool to be on the front wave of this podcast movement. Everywhere you look people have podcasts now, and SB is right there. If you guys have any ideas on some good content topics or just your take on the show itself shoot us some emails. We will be back strong as ever in two weeks.