Xbox 360 Pricing

August 17, 2005

The hot topic for the day has been the official pricing on the Xbox 360 and I have to say that I am a little irked about it. Microsoft led us to believe that wireless controllers would be standard and while nothing was confirmed on HD inclusion it was assumed that would be the case. The official prices are as follows:

$299 gets you the core unit with a wired controller, no harddrive, and standard AV cables.

$399 gets you the system with a wireless controller, a 20GB harddrive, and HighDef AV cables. For a limited time you also get a remote.

I am not opposed to the $399 price as much as I am irritated that the market is going to be fragmented with multiple hardware configurations. If the lack of support for the PS2 harddrive (by Sony as well as developers) was any indicator of what that does for a peripheral then Microsoft may as well not even put out a harddrive for the 360.

I realize they are trying to please the gamers that want a plain jane system out of the box, but do they honestly think this is a good idea?