March 2006

Can we get a do over?

March 31, 2006

Microsoft is trying to do a “relaunch” of the Xbox 360 in Japan since their original launch was unsuccessful. I’m personally not sure how that works. It’s not like people are going to suddenly start lining up for a product they can already get right now.

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So despite spending most of my day hanging ceiling fans and falling off ladders I managed to get some time in with KH2. I logged about 40 minutes of the game which translates to about 5 minutes of actual playing. So far I am really impressed with the game dynamics and the controls. Everything about this one screams refinement. You can read more in my review which should be coming soon.

UMD is Dead?

March 30, 2006

Not yet, but it sure is on the way. NextGen is carrying a story that Wal-Mart is going to stop carrying UMD movies and many Hollywood studios are going to discontinue producing movies on UMD due to a downward trend in sales. Has Sony ever made a format that caught on?

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Episode 20

March 29, 2006

Hello everyone, its that time again where your voice and opinion can be heard in the podcast world. We will be recording this Friday at 7pm, we would like to hear your opinion on the topic of “[b]The Virtual Gambler[/b]”.

[b]-What’s the appeal of the online or virtual gambling environment?
-What’s the future of this genre given the growth of the online marketplace?
-How does the reality of real gambling compare to it’s virtual cousin?
-Are there any drawbacks if the money (aka stakes) are the same in both

We will also be talking about the evolution of the online marketplace and how gambling can be a new option in online gaming. We would love to hear your opinion on the matter. If you would like to email us or send us an audio feedback, please remember to keep this very short and clean. Audio soundbytes should be no longer than 10 seconds.

Again, just a friendly reminder that your responses in the forums are to be kept short and concise. Thanks for listening!

Email us at: [email protected]

Crysis looks pretty

March 29, 2006

Crysis videos and screenshots are starting to hit. They sure look hot, but I seriously doubt my machine is man enough to handle those graphics. The video is [url=]here[/url].

Source: [url=]Joystiq[/url]