Gerry Pagan

We don’t see many titles these days that truly embrace the values of a good horror game. For all the praise games like Dead Space get, their style of horror is mostly limited to some cheap scares via clever monster placement or gratuitous amounts of gore. Games like Siren and the Fatal Frame series are rarer than they were last generation, and even series that used to play up the horror to some degree have mostly ditched that for a shot at the action genre. Enter Corpse Party, a game that truly embraces the values of a good horror game. Jump scares only make half the game, after all. READ MORE

The Fate/Stay Night franchise is somewhat well-known in Japan, but it’s as niche as they come here in the U.S. Despite this, Aksys Games took it upon themselves to localize Fate/Extra, a spinoff RPG aimed at a particularly niche bunch of fans, on a handheld console that isn’t exactly breaking sales records these days. If XSEED ever decides to give up the mantle of bravest publisher in America, we sure know who to pass it on to. READ MORE