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Insane genius Greg Costikyan was behind some of the classic 80s pen & paper RPGs, and also has some history as a writer, and was even involved with computer games. A while ago, he wrote a games manifesto challenging the status quo of big and ugly corporate game design, and while I didn’t agree with every word of it, he did have some interesting things to say.

At that time he was starting up a site to collect the best examples he could find of innovative and independant gaming, and [url=]here it is![/url] I’m a big fan of indie games, but I’m always dissapointed with the quality of sites about said games. I have high hopes for this one.

Jeff Minter, the genius behind the mind-blowing Tempest (Don’t know what that is? Get offa my lawn!), has come up with a new, wacky looking treat for Xbox 360. Space Giraffe, which I totally didn’t make up, is coming to Live Arcade sometime in the future.

I will buy it even though I suck very badly at Geometry Wars, and it seems it may be in the same vein. I was bad at Tempest, too.

[url=]Jeff Minter bringing space giraffes to XBLA[/url] (Joystiq)

[url=]Blizzard has released information on some of the new skills that will be available in their upcoming expansion.[/url] Read up to ready your perfect builds. Then be dissapointed later when your favorite stuff is nerfed to balance out some whiny kids.

New release watch

August 27, 2006

This is a pretty happening week. I’m going to have to pass up some decent games here.

[b]Disgaea 2 – PS2[/b]
Despite sounding like some sort of gastrointestinal disorder, the first game had a huge cult following. This game should have no problems selling out.

[b]Ultimate Ghosts N’ Goblins – PSP[/b]
I have been waiting a long time for this. Capcom gives an old classic a huge update, but leaves it awesome and 2d.

[b]Starfox Command – DS[/b]
A new and more freeform Starfox, now with touchscreen tactical controls. A must have for any diehard Nintendo fan.

[b]Enchanted Arms – Xbox 360[/b]
If you [i]have[/i] to have a Japanese RPG for your 360, this is it. I hope you like effeminate sax players!

[b]One Piece Grand Adventure – PS2, GC[/b]
I actually hear the other entries in this series are pretty fun brawlers. Haven’t heard much on this one. I guess you’ll want it if you really like the cartoon.

This week we also have two Hall of Shame entries:

[b]Jaws Unleashed – PC[/b]
Seriously, I hear the Xbox version was freaking terrible. Avoid this one.

[b]Bomberman Act Zero – Xbox 360[/b]
Bomberman gets all dark and gritty in this atrocity. The modified play mechanics don’t exactly spell “winner” either.

Say it ain’t so? This is pretty much one of my favorite games of all time, so I’m pretty psyched.

[url=]SNK Playmore unleashes the Fury on XBLA[/url] (Joystiq)