Michael Findlay

Midway Games, INC, Paramount/MTV Films and Vin Diesel’s own Tigon Studios are planning to release a new video game property entitled [i]The Wheelman[/i]. The game and film will be released in conjunction with each other with the game content acting as a prequel to the plot of the movie.

Midwest offered some reserved comments on the whole project:

[quote]We believe ‘The Wheelman’ is a groundbreaking new model for our industry,” said David F. Zucker, president and CEO, Midway. “We intend to create a broad-arcing experience, simultaneously developing entertainment properties across a number of mediums, with Vin Diesel right at the center of it all.[/quote]
The days of waiting for crappy video game versions of crappy movies is over. Now we can now get them instantly, with Vin Diesel at the center! Yeah!

I guess to be fair, Vin Diesel’s company was invovled in [i]Escape from Butcher’s Bay[/i], so let us hope for something fun to come out of all of this.

In related news, Uwe Boll is said to be considering embracing this crossover game/movie technique for his projects – only, in his case, the prequel game involves trying to convince investors and drug addicted Hollywood actors to participate in his project.

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