Mike Carabajal

Boys and girls its your favorite time of the month. For those of you of age, you drink and dress like an idiot, for those not of age you have free reign to pull all sorts of great hoodlum hijinx, isn’t life great!?

Yet it’s also time for the Snackbar Podcast Halloween Edition. Thats right, you know the show where you give your take we give ours and we all laugh and have a great time being one big happy family. Oh and not to mention Pretz and myself disagree on just about everything not related to Uwe Boll.

We want to hear all about your favorite scary games, you know the games that made you jump. Be it survival horror or just down right creepy we want to know your take on the multimedia onslaught on your fears. So chime in, give your take, and argue among yourselves (its great radio).

Grrr- The Podcast

October 11, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, the boiling point has been reached, well for me at least. Which means good news for our podcast, cause we got a great idea. We introduce the first ever “Whats Your Beef” Podcast. Let it all out, what about the gaming industry boils your blood. Rant, rave, and let the podcast world hear what TICKS YOU OFF. So start posting away, tell us What Your Beef is!

To give you some footage of gameplay for Assassins Creed, from X06. So check this out and start wanting it, it looks amazing. I mean social stealth is a fantastic concept. Enough me more video: [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dKCCEFQkrQ]Assassins Creed X06 Gameplay[/url]

Podcast: Storylines

September 6, 2006

Podcast time and we want you good opinionated people to chime in. This week’s topic “Storylines In Gaming”. How many times have you heard “the story line was terrible” about a game that you really enjoy. How about when you feel a storyline truly is weak? How much pull does a storyline have in your decision to buy a game, or opinion of a game? We want to know, so please post away and get your take in the Snackbar Games Podcast.

Podcast Recording

August 23, 2006

Ladies and gentlmen, its time once again for a Snackbar Podcast. And par for the course is your take, which we read over the online air waves. What is the topic you ask? Well its two fold, and this could be our best podcast to date.

We are talking about Violence in Gaming again and we will be breaking down and giving our take on Mr. Thompson’s appearence on Attack of the Show. Its all the buzz over the internet (see it [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkHtgRxBfKA]here[/url]). We want to know specifically what about the argument you would have done differently. Did Adam Sessler come off badly as many have said, is Jack a cunning fox, or a fanatic? This is what we want to know.

Secondly since we are talking about Violence In Gaming we want to know what you have to say on the topic as general. Now new rule as far as forum responses go so Pretz and I dont freak out trying to read the books you post. What you want us to read put in brackets. Now debate and discourse as you will, however place what you want us to READ on the podcast in brackets. Example: [Pic, Pretz, I think yadda yadda]