BOOO! Snackbar Games Podcast!

October 25, 2006

Boys and girls its your favorite time of the month. For those of you of age, you drink and dress like an idiot, for those not of age you have free reign to pull all sorts of great hoodlum hijinx, isn’t life great!?

Yet it’s also time for the Snackbar Podcast Halloween Edition. Thats right, you know the show where you give your take we give ours and we all laugh and have a great time being one big happy family. Oh and not to mention Pretz and myself disagree on just about everything not related to Uwe Boll.

We want to hear all about your favorite scary games, you know the games that made you jump. Be it survival horror or just down right creepy we want to know your take on the multimedia onslaught on your fears. So chime in, give your take, and argue among yourselves (its great radio).